Adoption is a loving unselfish decision a mother or couple can make for their baby – It is very difficult and involves a great deal of love to put yourself aside and think of what is best for your baby – We have information that can help you as you consider this option. Call us at 936-569-6288.

The Questions of Adoption

  • How can I choose the right couple to be parents for my baby?
  • If I choose an open adoption, how often will I be able to see my baby?
  • Will I be able to write to my baby or send gifts?
  • How can I get support after my adoption to continue growing in my life?
  • Are there any people who have adopted out whom I can talk to first?
  • If I choose adoption, will there be people around me to help with the process?
  • Am I willing to do what is right and save my baby’s life, even if I may lose a boyfriend?


Helpful Links to Answer Your Questions about Adoptions

Young woman in white clothes standing in field on sunset

A Loving Alternative Adoption Facilitator

A Loving Alternative Facilitator has assisted hundreds of women who have placed a baby for adoption. They will help you create an adoption plan that focuses on your needs. You get to choose and, if desired, meet the family that adopts your baby. More…

Generations Adoptions

Generations Adoptions is a non-profit Christian adoption agency serving families and expectant mothers. More…

Emotional Video of Adopted Man Thanking His Birth Mother Goes Viral

A video that an Australian DJ made for Mother’s Day thanking the birth mother he has never met has gone viral. He posted the clip with the caption: “I’ve never met my biological mum and every year mother’s day gets me thinking. My birth mum sacrificed so much for me and I’d love her to know just how thankful I am and I hope I’m doing her proud.”
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