How Fast Does A Baby Develop?

This Astounding Video Depicts an Unborn Baby’s Full Development

Did You Know?

  • A baby’s heart begins to beat on day 21 after conception.
  • A baby’s lungs are formed on day 26-27 after conception.
  • On day 36 the baby’s eyes develop their first color in the retina.
  • On day 40 the baby makes her first reflex movements.
  • On day 42 the baby develops nerve connections that will lead to a sense of smell. The brain is now divided into 3 parts. Mom now misses second period.
  • On day 44 electrical activity is detectable in the brain.
  • At 8 weeks the baby is now well-proportioned and every organ is present.
  • At 9 weeks, if prodded, the baby’s eyelids and hands close.
  • At 10 weeks, fingerprints begin to form