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Parenting is the first choice in pregnancy. A pregnancy test confirms that you are pregnant and at that very moment you are a mother – not in nine months – but right then. You are now making decisions for your child. Do you realize a tiny human being is growing within you? This is your child with separate DNA, little toes, fuzzy hair, and soon will be able to squint, smile, and do its own form of gymnastics within your womb. The thought of being a parent- whether planned or not- can be scary and uncertain. But now is the time to protect and nourish this little one and find out all the services available to help you through your pregnancy. Pregnancy is not the end of your hopes, dreams, and plans, it is just the beginning. Contact us for an appointment and let us introduced you to your unborn baby’s secret world.

Heartbeat provides pre-natal and parenting classes, “Building Blocks to Good Parenting.” Call us for more information.

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